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Fees are as follows:

- Academic - early registration (before July 15) : 300 €

- Academic - late registration (between July 15 and September 1) : 350 €

- Accompanying persons : 100 € (accompanying persons must register individually)

- Students : 200 € (Academic who have little funding access should contact local organizers).


Registration fees include:

- the welcome reception on Monday Sep/17,

- four lunches (Monday Sep/17 to Thursday Sep/20) and

- the social program (excursion and social dinner on Wednesday Sep/19 afternoon).


Payment is possible:

- by credit card (payment by credit card must be completed at registration time - it cannot be completed later)

- French participants only: by purchase order (bon de commande) or bank transfer


Registration/payment at the conference desk on Monday Sep/17th is not possible.


Important limitations/instructions (please read it carefully before you register):

- You have to complete your registration (including the payment) in a single operation. It is not possible to interrupt your registration, and continue it later.

- If your registration is interrupted for any reason, you will need to start a new registration (using a different email address ).

- Unless you are a french participant, you will have to use the credit payment: make sure you have all the credit card information before you start your registration.


If you have carefully read the previous instructions, please click here to register for CASC2018

   Accommodations / Conference Venue 



You can either stay on Campus or in Lille downtown.


Hotels on campus:

The Ascotel and the REEFLEX International Residence Hall are the two options for staying on Campus. Both are 5 min by walk from the conference location. 


a) The Ascotel:   The estimate price for 1 night is 85 euros (add 13 euro for breakfast). 


b) The REEFLEX International Residence Hall: This is modern and quite affordable accommodation. The estimate price is 60 euros per night. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make sure to mention "the CASC 2018 conference" in you mail body, as well as your arrival and departure dates (the arrival is after 2pm, and the departure is before 10am). In case the front gate is locked, please use the intercom.


Hotels in downtown:

The Lille downtown provides a fair amount of quality hotels. The Lille downtown is only 15 minutes away by subway from the conference location. We strongly suggest to book a hotel near one of the three following subway stations: "Gare Lille-Flandres", "Rihour" or "République Beaux-Arts". Here is a short selection:


a) Hôtel Brueghel: Estimate price for 1 night (no breakfast): 90 euros


b) Le Grand Hôtel: Estimate price for 1 night (no breakfast): 90 euros


c) Hôtel de la Paix: Estimate price for 1 night (no breakfast): 100 euros


You can find other hotels on: (click on accommodation/hotels)


 Conference location:

The conference will take place at LILLIAD which is located on the Campus Cité Scientifique, Université de Lille. Please note that the Université de Lille is a fairly big University, split in several and very distant parts. Please make sure to go to the "Campus Cité Scientifique" part.


By Subway:

The subway in Lille is quite simple. If you are at the "Gare Lille Flandres" station, take the Line 1 (the yellow line) towards "4 Cantons Grand Stade" and leave at the "Cité Scientifique - Professeur Gabillard" station. Simply exit the station, turn to the left, follow the subway line, and you should quickly see the LILLIAD center in front of you.

You must buy the tickets at the vending machines. You will need to buy a refillable ticket (for 20 cents). A one way ticket is around 1.60euros. 


By Car:

We suggest you to use a GPS with "Cité scientifique, Université Lille". Please carefully check that your GPS is sending you to the "Campus Cité Scientifique" in the city "Villeneuve d'Ascq", and not in another part of the university.

There is a large parking at the "4 Cantons Grand Stade" subway station. If you stay at the Ascotel, they have a private parking. If you stay in Lille downtown, we suggest you to ask your hotel for information about parking your car in Lille (parking in Lille is not free).


By Train:

You will most likely arrive at either "Gare Lille Europe" or "Gare Lille Flandres" which are the two railway stations. If you arrive at "Gare Lille Europe", first take the subway line 2 (the red line) towards "St Philibert", and leave at the "Gare Lille Flandres" station. From there, follow the instructions above concerning the subway.


 Travel Information 


Conference Location

Lecture hall III (Hörsaal III)

RWTH main building (RWTH Hauptgebäude)

Templergraben 55, Aachen 


If you arrive at a German airport, the best way to go to Aachen is by train. For more information concerning train travelling in Germany, please use


Tickets can be bought, either with cash or by credit card, at the train station.



Reaching Aachen Central Station

From Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

The trip from Frankfurt Airport ("Fernbahnhof") to Aachen takes approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Most connections require a change of trains at Cologne Central station. The price ranges from 57€ to 81€.


From Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)

The trip from Düsseldorf Airport to Aachen takes approximately 1.5 hours. Some connections require a change of trains at Düsseldorf Central station or Cologne Central station.

The price ranges from 21€ to 29€.


From Cologne/Bonn (Köln/Bonn) Airport (CGN)

The trip from Cologne/Bonn Airport to Aachen takes approximately 1–1.5 hours, with a change of trains at Cologne Central station. The price is approximately 24€.


Other Airports

Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST)

Brussels Airport (BRU)

Brussels south charleroi Airport (CRL)

Paris Charles-de-Gaulle-Airport (CDG)



From Aachen Central Station

In Aachen the best way to reach any place of interest is by bus or by foot. The main shopping area, the Aachen Cathedral, and the RWTH are situated close beside each other. Thus it is easy to walk from one place to another. Inside the city you find a lot of old architecture, little restaurants and pubs to enjoy a good meal and the Aachen culture.


1. By Bus:

In front of Aachen Central station there is a bus stop from which you can take a bus to your location in Aachen. The bus lines 3 and 13 are those you will probably need. They have a capital letter (A or B) behind the number, which refers to the direction of rotation. As the traffic network in Aachen's city center is constructed in rings, it does not matter in which direction you ride, but it may be a matter of time. Nevertheless you may possibly have to take a bus from across the road after leaving Aachen Central station.

The time table with departures and a road map with the destinations can be found at the bus stop. Tickets can be bought from the driver. Further information concerning fares and bus routes under can be found here and here.

Here are some of the most important bus lines which will bring you to points of interest:


(1) Hochschule (bus stop in front of the main building of the RWTH)

Bus lines: 13A (~20 min), 13B (~10 min) (the stop is on the other side of the street outside Central station). They depart every 15 or 30 minutes (depending on the time of the day) and ride from 6.30 am to 7 pm (mon–fri), 10 am to 5 pm (sat).


(2) Ponttor (H.4 Pontwall) (bus stop on Pontstrasse – the main street where students go for lunch or dinner) Same bus lines as for Technische Hochschule, additionally 3 A (~15 min) rides every 15/30 minutes from 5.30 am to 11 pm (mon–sat), 9 am to 11 pm (sun).


(3) Elisenbrunnen (famous thermal spring of Aachen, right in the city center, situated next to the tourist information and close to the main shopping area) Bus lines: 11, 14, 21, 44 ... (~5 min).


2. By Taxi:

There is also a very reliable taxi service at Aachen Central station. Just walk out the front door and you will see the available service on the right side. Prices depend upon your destination in Aachen.




  VISA Information

The following link leads to a list of all countries the citizens of which need a visa for entering Romania:


Participants who need a letter of invitation for obtaining a visa for Romania should contact as soon as possible the Local Organization Committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and provide all information necessary for the letter. This concerns in particular the address to which the letter should be sent. In some cases the letter of invitation must contain information like a passport number, it is then your responsibility to provide such data. They will then receive first by e-mail an electronic version of such a letter and later by surface mail the original. Please take into account that consulates usually require the hand signed original and that surface mail may take quite a while. We are not able to send letters via a courier service.